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About Kingdom Mold Inc.

We Restorate for Your Comfort

We are a team of professional and skilled experts in all domestic spheres. We offer a wide range of services and at the same time we are always glad to help you with any unconventional household needs:

We work to ensure people’s comfort at their home, and to provide the best and the fastest help at fair prices. We stand for quality, safety, and credibility, so you could be sure about our work. Initially, we started as a company specializing in restoration services. During our successful work, we expanded our list of services. Now we are proud that we can help people with demolition, renovation, dry cleaning, reconstruction. Every member of our team is indeed good at his job and the company guarantees the quality of work.

Ontime at Services

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Our Process

At Kingdom Mold Inc. we take very seriously your health, we always protect you, your home and belongings of any contamination.

01 - Free Inspection & Estimate

We will go to your property and going to do a free inspection of the house or affected area where may exist Mold, Asbestos or any material that could be affecting your home and the health of your family.

After we do the inspection we will talk to you about every aspect and detail we have found, will give you the necessary advise and will give you a proper estimate of the job.

02 - Barriers / Containments

To set up the barriers and containments is perhaps the most important process for us, as we said before your safety is our main concern and we don’t skimp on efforts to do a good job.

Barriers & containments can prevent cross contamination around your place and keep you and your family safe meanwhile we are doing the job. As a professional we always advice our clients regarless they decide to go with us or not to ask for a proper containment prior to any job because your security comes first.

03 - Work Execution

Our priority is your safety but also your satisfaction that’s why we offer a good customer service, experienced & qualified technicians and finally an excellent job delivered to all of our clients.

Our team will take care of every detail of your project no matter the size of it, will answers all your questions and concerns and will give you the best recommendations about any step or decision you are planning to make.